Camera Systems/Video Verification


 For even more peace-of-mind, many of our clients now incorporate cameras and video monitoring into their security systems. When you're at home these strategically placed cameras allow you to watch lots of things. There are endless camera placement possibilities limited only by your imagination; for instance:  

  • Who's at the front door?
  • What's going on in other rooms in the house?
  • Are the kids OK playing in the backyard?
  • Are the pets OK in the house?

When you are away at work or on vacation, it's easy to check on your home and property with any iPhone, iPad, laptop, or other connected device. Simply click on the app and then choose which camera you want to watch. 

Automate Lights with Video Analytics with ASI.

Video Analytics continuously scans your property and only notifies you when people, vehicles or animals are detected. Combined with new virtual tripwires and fenced-in activity zones, you can enhance perimeter security and gain more insight into what's going on at home. Once a person, vehicle or animal is detected, you receive an enhanced alert with a thumbnail image showing what was caught on camera. You only receive video alerts on what matters most to you...

For example, when:

  • A person enters the yard, but not animals.
  • A car pulls into the driveway at night, but not when it drives past.
  • Someone loiters on the porch, but not when mail is delivered.
  • Pets get on the sofa, but not when they are walking around the room.                                                                               

Additionally, we can even use Video Analytics to trigger light automation like turning on an outdoor Z-Wave light when a person is detected in the driveway. When you view Video Analytics clips, playback begins when people, vehicles or animals are detected.

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Video Verification


Video Verification is the pairing of security system signals with LIVE video clips of what caused the alarm. Video Verification helps remove the guessing game of what caused the system to go into alarm, which allows for a quick dispatch from ASI and law enforcement agencies.


Video verification is a cost-effective tool that can help increase on-site security and employee safety while reducing false police dispatches. There is a growing desire from law enforcement to move beyond “false alarm avoidance” and use video verified alarms to respond to a “crime in progress” and make more arrests.


Video Verification is Important in Emergency Response

As law enforcement agencies become increasingly overburdened, they look to video verification to help determine the nature of emergencies and to help them respond appropriately. When an emergency occurs
which trips an alarm, the signal and video goes to ASI or your current monitoring station who then immediately notifies authorities. If a crime is video verified, law enforcement is able to treat it as a crime in progress. Since law enforcement can respond more quickly and appropriately to video verified emergencies, this increases the user’s safety. Fast and informed confirmation of a crime means more criminals are apprehended if they commit and fewer are likely to take the chance in the first place.



Additional Services only available from ASI


ASI conduct a Virtual Guard Tour via your camera system, as many times a night as you wish


ASI links your cameras to your alarm account. You receive every video clip via our Verification App


ASI will monitor employee's entering/leaving the building at your requested times; keeping you and your staff safe during entrance and egress. Leaving the building late at night or in an area where extra caution is needed.


We will install a wired/wireless panic button into your alarm system and program as a 'watch me' feature. This will allow you to press this button maybe on a pendant or under a desk, which then silently contacts our monitoring station to have a professional ASI threat assesment operator observe the situation. If something or someone suspicous or hostile is making them feel unconfortable or threatened we will dispatch the Police and/or our own Armed Guard Response Team accordingly.


This is for someone that just wants the VAV service for maybe a day/week or a month. This often gets used if an incident has occured in the neighborhood or at your place of business or maybe building work is being completed or some other security concern and you would like to have ASI keep an eye on the property and have not joined the ASI VAV program yet.

With our cloud architecture and Software as a Service (SaaS) model means there is no additional software or hardware to purchase at the edge, in the monitoring center, or for the emergency responders. Unifying these technologies and constituencies results in fewer false alarms, faster response times, and safer properties and communities.


  • DVR/NVR Health Monitoring
  • Quicker Response Times
  • Detailed Descriptions of Burglars
  • Apprehension Rate Higher
  • Cloud Base, No Software or Hardware Required!

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