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CO, Floods, Freeze & Severe Weather Warnings

Threats to your home or business go beyond theft and fire. The water heater malfunctions. Pipes freeze and burst. A storm floods the basement. Potentially deadly gases seep into the home. Whether you are traveling or sound asleep and not immediately aware of a threat, environmental hazard monitoring adds a extra layer of protection to your home or business.

Propane, Carbon Monoxide and Natural Gas Detection

Toxic gases are invisible, silent, and often odorless killers that can easily go undetected. Our gas monitoring protection will alert your family and the local fire department if a CO signal comes in from your home or business.

Flood Detection

If there is a leak in your home, it could be hours or even days until you realize it. By this time you may already have serious and expensive problems from water damage. Our flood detection will alert our U.L. Monitoring Station in the event of a leak in your home, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

Temperature Detection

Extremes hot or cold temperatures can cause severe damage to your home or business. In Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona and Missouri, a common worry is freezing pipes in the winter. We provide temperature monitoring that will alert you to extreme temperatures, which can save you substantial money and headaches.


Severe Weather Alerts

Weather in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona and Missouri can be extreme and unpredictable. We experience severe blizzards, rain storms, and even tornadoes. Some of our smart security systems can be programmed to receive life saving severe weather alerts.

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