Every system we install is customized for your needs, that is why here at Allstate Security Industries, Inc. we offer a wide range of communication options.


Every panel, Every time

ASI supports virtually all alarm formats (Contact ID, SIA, SIA2, DMP, Modem lle/llla2 and Pulse formats) and many more.​

Support for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile  LTE Networks

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile LTE networks provides a robust, UL listed system for passing alarm data reliably to our monitoring station. Available in 3G/4G or LTE network coverage if available for extended network coverage as well. Additionally, you have the option to remote/arm disarm, lock/unlock door(s), turn thermostat(s) up/down, view live video, viewing of event triggered clips, images and live video from anywhere, on a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Uses Power and Backup Battery from the Panel

All cellular alarm communicators are specifically designed and UL listed to leverage the power and backup battery that already exists in the panel. Now installation time is reduced because the installer no longer has to be concerned with the location or availability of the wall outlet.

AES Radio

Quicker than you think..

AES eliminate other communication challenges and enables reliable alarm signalling by providing highly reliable services:

IP Technology

IP-Network Monitoring

Have you disconnected or changed the phone lines at your home or business? If so you have cut the line of communication path between your security/fire alarm system and our central monitoring station. IP (Internet Protocol) modules allow your system to communicate signals over the internet at much quicker speeds then phone lines. This alternative solution to copper phone lines can be used across any broadband, DSL or cable internet connection. IP however, offers more than just the ability to have your system monitored. Its flexibility allows for data from several applications to share the same internet path. These applications can provide you with abilities you may not have thought possible.

You will now have the ability to control your smart security system via a App, PC or SMS text once your on a IP module.

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