Front Office Team

Randall Renfroe
Tenure: 08/07 - Current

Rick Drosselmeyer
Vice President
Tenure: 1/93 - Current


Paul McInally
Sales Manager
Tenure: 10/17 - Current

Danny Bixler
Life Safety/Security Specialist
Tenure: 08/08 - Current

Chrissy Garcia
Accounts Receivable
Tenure: 04/97 - Current

Julie McClish
Customer Service/Collections
Tenure: 12/07 - Current

Garrett Rutherford
Inventory Manager
Tenure: 09/17 - Current

Rene Gonzales
Building/Vehicle Maintenance
Tenure: 03/11 - Current

Nicole Auryn Plummer
Office Manager/HR
Tenure: 01/19 - Current

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